Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Will WhatsApp allow us to make voice calls from Web Version?

What is the new feature in WhatsApp ?

It has recently been said that WhatsApp is trying to provide voice calling services to the web version users as well. It is being informed that soon users will find this new web version facility. We know that currently this feature is being tested by WhatsApp. This feature is given to some beta users and some non-beta testers as well. It is currently understandable that this feature will be available to a larger audience.


Who is testing these new features?

The image of the feature being tested is being shared by Mukul Sharma. The icons were seen to be present on the web version of WhatsApp. The non-beta users can soon hope to find this feature on their own devices. This feature can be found on the browser itself instead of the Web App.

It is currently seen that WhatsApp is renovated their whole interface of their calling options. New designs are tested and being improved. The individual calls as well as the group calls are being improved. The recent feature shows voice waveforms for the voice call participants of a group call. This feature is being given to the testers of Android beta app users. An iOS app has not yet seen such a feature.


Wallpapers on Voice calls?

The customization option is not yet talked about, but the feature is to improve the quality of the voice calls as well. The beta update also shows the option to use wallpapers for voice calls. The improvement is going on not in the level of customization but rather in the field of adding some new features. A large number of users will soon find new updates on their WhatsApp, making it more efficient.

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