Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

WhatsApp is adding a new community phone number privacy feature that lets users decide whether or not to share their phone numbers with other community members. Because it demonstrates that WhatsApp is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of its users, this represents a significant advancement.

How Does the Component Function?


The new phone number privacy feature allows users to conceal their phone numbers from other community members. At the point when this choice is empowered, different individuals from the local area will just see the client’s username. As a result, users are free to participate in communities without providing any personal information.

For instance, if you are an individual from a local area for guardians of small kids, you probably shouldn’t share your telephone number with different individuals from the local area. You can hide your phone number by activating the brand-new phone number privacy feature; other community members will only be able to see your username.

What Is the Purpose of This Function?

There are many reasons why the new privacy feature for phone numbers is important. First, it gives users greater privacy control. Second, it may be able to help keep users safe from spam and other unwelcome messages. Thirdly, it may contribute to the improvement of communities’ levels of safety and security.

Previously, if you were an individual from a WhatsApp people group, your telephone number was noticeable to any remaining individuals from the local area. This meant that you could be contacted directly by anyone in the community, even if you didn’t know them. In addition to giving users more control over their privacy, the brand-new phone number privacy feature has the potential to assist in preventing spam and other unsolicited messages.

How to Use the WhatsApp Feature

Users will need to update their WhatsApp app to the most recent version to use the new phone number privacy feature. Once the application is refreshed, clients will see another setting called “Telephone Number Protection.” Users will need to change this setting to “Off” to conceal their phone number.

To view the “Telephone Number Security” setting, open the WhatsApp application and go to Settings > Record > Protection. You will find the option to “Hide My Phone Number” under “Phone Number.” Flip this setting to “Off” to conceal your telephone number from different individuals from networks.


WhatsApp’s brand-new phone number privacy feature is a welcome addition. It gives clients more command over their protection, and it can assist with establishing a more secure and safer climate for networks. I’m eager to perceive how this component is involved by clients before long.


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