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water damaged

Finding that your Android phone has endured water harm can trouble. Whether it went all in or was trapped in a downpour shower, water harm can debilitate your gadget’s usefulness and possibly lead to information misfortune. In this thorough aide, we will investigate the issue of a water-damaged Android phone, recognize the likely explanations behind the issue, and furnish you with a bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to rescue and recuperate your gadget. Toward the finish of this article, you’ll have the information and apparatuses to expand the possibilities resuscitating your water-damaged Android phone.

Grasping the Issue: The Outcomes of Water Harm

The Seriousness of Water Harm

Water can penetrate your gadget and cause shortcircuits, consumption, and equipment breakdown.

Likely explanations

  1. Accidental Openness: Submersion in water, downpour, or fluid spills.
  2. Moisture Development: High mugginess conditions can add to dampness related issues.
  3. Condensation: Fast temperature changes can prompt inward buildup.

Dangers and Contemplations

water damaged

Security First

Guarantee your own security by detaching the phone from power sources and switching it off assuming it’s as yet functional.

Information Reinforcement

In the event that conceivable, back up your information prior to endeavoring any recuperation techniques.

Settling the Issue: How to Fix a Water-Damaged Android Phone

Bit by bit Water Harm Recuperation Guide

  1. Eliminate the Phone from Water
  2. Power Off
  • Prompt Activity: Assuming that the phone is on, switch it off to forestall electrical harm.
  1. Eliminate from Water
  • Dry Surface: Cautiously eliminate the phone from the water source.
  1. Dismantle If Conceivable
  2. Battery Expulsion
  • Battery Separate: In the event that your phone has a removable battery, eliminate it right away.
  1. Part Division
  • Dismantling: Assuming you’re open to doing as such, dismantle the phone to permit better air course.
  1. Dry the Phone
  2. Towel Drying
  • Delicately Pat: Utilize a perfect, dry material or paper towel to eliminate overabundance dampness from the outside.
  1. Rice or Silica Gel
  • Drying Specialist: Spot the phone in a sack of uncooked rice or silica gel parcels to retain dampness.
  1. Sit tight for Drying
  2. Persistence
  • Drying Period: Permit the phone to sit in the drying specialist for no less than 48-72 hours.
  1. Check for Indications of Recuperation
  2. Power On
  • Test: After the drying period, endeavor to turn on the phone.
  1. Indications of Recuperation
  • Utilitarian Highlights: Check for working buttons, contact screen, and camera.
  1. Look for Proficient Assistance
  2. Tech Master
  • Counsel Experts: In the event that your phone stays lethargic, counsel an expert specialist or fix administration.
  1. Information Recuperation
  2. Proficient Administrations
  • Information Extraction: In instances of serious harm, experts can frequently recuperate information.
  1. Preventive Measures
  2. Waterproof Case
  • Counteraction: Think about utilizing a waterproof case to shield your phone from here on out.
  1. Reinforcement Information
  • Standard Reinforcements: Make a propensity for routinely backing up your phone’s information to forestall information misfortune.


Managing a water-damaged Android phone can be a distressing encounter, however with the extensive recuperation guide and extra tips gave in this article, you can work on the chances of rescuing your gadget and forestalling future occurrences. Recall that prompt activity, persistence during the drying system, and expert help when vital are fundamental for a fruitful recuperation.

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