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Files from Windows

The need to move files from your Windows PC to your Android gadget can emerge without warning, whether it’s sharing photographs, archives, or media files. While USB links have generally been the go-to strategy, there are various remote choices accessible. In this extensive aide, we will investigate the issue of moving files from Windows to Android without utilizing a USB link. We’ll distinguish the likely explanations of the issue, offer bit by bit arrangements, and acquaint you with different proficient techniques. Toward the finish of this article, you’ll have the information and instruments to remotely easily move files between your Windows PC and Android gadget.

Figuring out the Issue: The Test of Link Free Record Move

Files from Windows

Advancing Availability

As innovation progresses, remote record move strategies become more advantageous and broadly utilized.

Likely explanations

  1. Lack of Information: Numerous clients may not know about remote record move strategies.
  2. Dependency on Links: Customary USB link move is imbued as the essential technique.
  3. Convenience: Remote exchange techniques offer more prominent comfort and adaptability.

Dangers and Contemplations

Information Security

Guarantee that your picked record move strategy focuses on information security and protection.

Network Availability

Remote record move strategies depend on network availability, so a steady Wi-Fi association is fundamental.

Settling the Issue: How to Move Files Remotely from Windows to Android

Bit by bit Manual for Link Free Record Move

  1. Windows “Your Telephone” Application
  2. Application Establishment
  • Windows PC: Quest for “Your Telephone” in the Microsoft Store and introduce the application.
  1. Telephone Association
  • Match Gadgets: Adhere to on-screen directions to coordinate your Android gadget with the PC.
  1. Document Move
  • Intuitive: Open the “Your Telephone” application, explore to photographs, messages, or files, and simplified to move.
  1. Google Drive
  2. Transfer to find out about Drive
  • Windows PC: Transfer files to your Google Drive account by means of an internet browser.
  1. Google Drive Application
  • Android: Utilize the Google Drive application to get to and download files.
  1. Send Anyplace
  2. Send Anyplace Application
  • Windows PC: Download and introduce the Send Anyplace application on your PC.
  1. Record Sharing
  • Sharing Code: Utilize the application to produce a sharing code for your files.
  1. Android Collector
  • Android: Open the Send Anyplace application, enter the sharing code, and download the files.
  1. AirDroid
  2. AirDroid Application
  • Windows PC: Download and introduce the AirDroid application on your PC.
  1. Gadget Matching
  • Match Gadgets: Adhere to the on-screen directions to coordinate your PC and Android gadget.
  1. Remote Record Move

  • Record Move: Use AirDroid to remotely move files between gadgets.
  1. Bluetooth Document Move
  2. Bluetooth Matching
  • Windows PC: Match your PC and Android gadget through Bluetooth.
  1. Document Sharing
  • Send through Bluetooth: Right-click on a document and select “Ship off” > “Bluetooth gadget.”
  1. Outsider Record Move Applications
  2. Application Establishment
  • The two Gadgets: Introduce an outsider record move application like “Xender” or “Shareit” on both your PC and Android gadget.
  1. Document Move
  • Application Connection point: Utilize the application’s connection point to choose and move files between gadgets.


Moving files from your Windows PC to your Android gadget without the requirement for a USB link is a cutting edge comfort that can save time and exertion. In this computerized age, various remote techniques are available to you, offering adaptability and convenience. By following the bit by bit guide and taking into account the dangers and organization network, you can flawlessly move files between your gadgets.

Whether you settle on the Windows “Your Telephone” application, cloud-based arrangements like Google Drive, or outsider applications like Send Anyplace or AirDroid, focus on information security and pick the strategy that best suits your requirements and inclinations. Embrace the adaptability of remote record move and partake in a more smoothed out experience while dividing files among your Windows PC and Android gadget.

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