Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush Saga publisher Activision Blizzard has been acquired by Microsoft. The deal had been challenged by the FTC, who argued that it would limit gaming industry competition. Nonetheless, a government judge managed in support of Microsoft, saying that the arrangement wouldn’t hurt buyers.

he Arrangement’s Effect on the Gaming Business

The arrangement could essentially affect the gaming business. From one perspective, it could prompt Microsoft making a portion of the Activision Snowstorm games restrictive to its Xbox consoles. This would diminish the quantity of games accessible on different stages, like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. This could make it harder for gamers to access their favorite games and hurt the industry’s competition.

The Effects of the Deal on Microsoft


The deal is significant for Microsoft in a number of ways. In the beginning, it will grant Microsoft control over some of the most well-known video game franchises worldwide. Microsoft’s gaming business will benefit from this, making it a more appealing option for gamers. Second, Microsoft will gain a significant foothold in the mobile gaming market as a result of the agreement. Activision Snowstorm is a central part in the portable gaming market, and the procurement will give Microsoft a traction in this developing business sector. Thirdly, Microsoft will have access to Activision Blizzard’s talented development team as part of the agreement. Microsoft will be able to develop even better games as a result of this.

The Deal’s Effect on Customers

The deal’s effect on customers is still unknown. A few specialists accept that the arrangement could prompt greater costs for computer games. This is on the grounds that Microsoft could involve its market ability to charge greater costs for Activision Snowstorm games. In any case, different specialists accept that the arrangement could prompt more development in the gaming business. This is because Microsoft could increase its investment in the creation of new technologies and games.

The Arrangement’s Subsequent stages

The arrangement is as yet forthcoming administrative endorsement in the Unified Realm. However, closing is anticipated for later this year. Microsoft will become the third-largest gaming company in the world after Tencent and Sony when the deal closes. Microsoft will become the world’s largest video game publisher as a result of the deal.


The securing of Activision Snowstorm by Microsoft is a significant occasion in the tech business. Microsoft, consumers, and the gaming industry are likely to be significantly impacted by the deal. It will be fascinating to perceive how the arrangement works out in the years to come.

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