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Launcher on Your Android

The launcher is the doorway to your Android phone’s connection point, and it assumes a huge part as far as you can tell. While Android gives a default launcher, you have the opportunity to customize your gadget by transforming it to an alternate launcher. In this extensive aide, we will investigate why changing the default launcher can be valuable, distinguish the likely explanations for needing to do this switch, and give you a bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to change the default launcher on your Android phone. Toward the finish of this article, you’ll have the information and devices to modify your Android phone’s appearance and usefulness.

Understanding the Need to Change the Default Launcher

The Significance of Launchers

Launchers direct your home screen design, application cabinet, and how you interface with your Android gadget.

Likely explanations for Changing Launchers

Launcher on Your Android

  1. Customization: Various launchers offer different customization choices, from subjects to symbol packs.
  2. Performance: A few launchers are streamlined for speed and asset productivity.
  3. Features: Elective launchers might give exceptional highlights not tracked down in the default launcher.

Dangers and Contemplations

Application Similarity

Changing launchers might influence how certain applications capability or connect with your gadget.

Information Reinforcement

Prior to changing your launcher, think about sponsorship up your home screen format and gadgets.

Settling the Issue: How to Change the Default Launcher

Bit by bit Launcher Change Guide

  1. Pick Your New Launcher
  2. Investigate Options
  • Google Play Store: Peruse the Google Play Store for elective launchers like Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, or Activity Launcher.
  1. Introduce the New Launcher
  • Establishment: Select your favored launcher and tap “Introduce” to download and introduce it on your Android phone.
  1. Open the Launcher Settings
  2. Home Settings
  • Settings: Access your gadget’s settings by swiping down the warning shade and tapping the stuff molded symbol.
  • Home Settings: Look down and select “Home” or “Home screen.”
  1. Change the Default Launcher
  2. Default Launcher Determination
  • Pick a Launcher: Tap “Default application” or a comparative choice to see a rundown of accessible launchers.
  1. Select the New Launcher
  • Select New Launcher: Pick the recently introduced launcher from the rundown.
  1. Affirm Change
  • Affirmation: A brief will seem requesting that you affirm the change. Tap “Change” or “Set as default.”
  1. Modify Your New Launcher
  2. Home Screen Format
  • Modify Format: Utilize your new launcher’s settings to orchestrate your home screen, add gadgets, and set up application alternate routes.
  1. Subjects and Symbols
  • Customize: Investigate topic choices, symbol packs, and other customization highlights presented by your new launcher.
  1. Test Application Similarity
  2. Check Application Usefulness
  • Actually look at Applications: Open your applications to guarantee they capability true to form with the new launcher.
  1. Reinforcement and Reestablish Gadgets (Discretionary)
  2. Gadget Reinforcement
  • Reinforcement Gadgets: On the off chance that you’ve modified gadgets on your old launcher, consider utilizing a gadget reinforcement application to save their setups.
  1. Gadget Rebuilding
  • Reestablish Gadgets: Utilize the gadget reinforcement application to reestablish your gadgets on the new launcher.


Changing the default launcher on your Android phone engages you to make a customized and one of a kind client experience. By following the bit by bit guide gave in this article, you can easily change to another launcher that lines up with your inclinations and improves your gadget’s appearance and usefulness.

Continuously make sure to check application similarity and reinforcement your home screen design and gadgets prior to rolling out the improvement. With the opportunity to pick your launcher, you can change your Android phone into a gadget that impeccably suits your style and needs, offering an invigorating and customized UI.

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