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Default SMS App

Your decision of a default SMS app on your Android phone incredibly impacts your informing experience. While Android gives a default informing app, you have the adaptability to pick another app that better suits your inclinations and necessities. In this thorough aide, we will investigate the significance of changing the default SMS app, recognize the likely explanations for needing to roll out this improvement, and give you a bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to change to an alternate SMS app on your Android phone. Toward the finish of this article, you’ll have the information and certainty to customize your informing experience.

Understanding the Need to Change the Default SMS App

The Job of SMS Apps

SMS (Short Message Administration) apps are fundamental for message informing, giving elements like message, sight and sound, and gathering informing.

Likely explanations for Changing Default SMS Apps

  1. Preference: You might lean toward the elements, design, or point of interaction of an alternate SMS app.
  2. Additional Elements: Outsider SMS apps frequently offer extra usefulness, like booked messages or improved customization.
  3. Compatibility: Some apps work better with explicit transporters or gadgets.

Dangers and Contemplations

Information Reinforcement

Prior to changing your default SMS app, it’s a decent practice to back up your current messages, as changing apps may bring about message misfortune.

App Authorizations

Audit the authorizations expected by the new SMS app to guarantee your information protection and security.

Settling the Issue: How to Change the Default SMS App

Default SMS App

Bit by bit Guide

  1. Introduce Another SMS App
  2. Investigate Options
  • Google Play Store: Peruse the Google Play Store for elective SMS apps like Google Messages, Textra, or Eat SMS.
  1. Download and Introduce
  • Introduce: Select your favored SMS app and tap “Introduce” to download and introduce it on your Android phone.
  1. Set as Default
  • Brief: After establishment, you’ll probably get a brief inquiring as to whether you need to set the new app as your default SMS app. Tap “Yes” or “Set as default.”
  1. Change Default SMS App
  2. Access Settings
  • Settings: Open the “Settings” app on your Android phone.
  1. Explore to Apps
  • Apps or Apps and warnings: Look down and select “Apps” or “Apps and notices,” contingent upon your gadget.
  1. Default Apps
  • Default apps: Search for a choice named “Default apps” or “Default SMS app.”
  1. Select the New SMS App
  • SMS App: Tap on the ongoing default SMS app to transform it.
  1. Pick the New SMS App
  • Select App: A rundown of introduced SMS apps will appear. Pick the new SMS app you introduced.
  1. Affirm
  • Affirmation: Affirm your decision when provoked to set the new app as the default SMS app.
  1. Confirm the Change
  2. Open the New SMS App
  • App Send off: Open the recently chosen SMS app to guarantee that it’s presently your default informing app.
  1. Reestablish Messages (Discretionary)
  2. If Important
  • Message Reinforcement: Assuming that you supported up your messages before the switch, you can now reestablish them inside the new SMS app.


Changing the default SMS app on your Android phone is a basic yet successful method for customizing your informing experience. By following the bit by bit guide gave in this article, you can change to a SMS app that better lines up with your inclinations and prerequisites.

Continuously focus on information reinforcement prior to rolling out critical improvements to your informing app to forestall message misfortune. With the opportunity to pick your SMS app, you can partake in a more custom-made and pleasant messaging experience on your Android phone.

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