Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

After users reported issues with the most recent security update for the iPhone and iPad, Apple pulled the update. Although iOS 15.5, the update, was made available earlier this month, Apple has since taken it off its servers.

What issues resulted from the update?

The update caused various issues for clients, including:

  • Wi-Fi availability issues: A few clients detailed that their Wi-Fi associations were shaky or irregular after introducing the update.
  • Low battery life: Different clients detailed that their battery duration was altogether more awful after introducing the update.
  • Issues with Bluetooth: A few clients likewise detailed issues with the Bluetooth network after introducing the update.
  • Other issues: A few clients likewise detailed different issues, like issues with the camera and the console.

What was Apple’s response?

Apple recognized the issues with the update and immediately eliminated it from its servers. In addition, the business offered its apologies for the inconvenience and stated that it was working on a solution.

How Should Clients Respond?


Apple advises going back to the previous iOS version if you have already installed iOS 15.5. To do this, go to Settings > General > Programming Update and tap on Download and Introduce close to the past form of iOS.

What’s the significance here for the Eventual fate of iOS Updates?

The issues with iOS 15.5 are an update that even the most painstakingly tried programming can in some cases have startling issues. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to be cautious when installing software updates, particularly on older devices.

Additional Information

  • Apple has not yet provided a timetable for the release of the iOS 15.5 fix.
  • Clients who have proactively moved back to the past adaptation of iOS shouldn’t reinstall iOS 15.5 until the fix is accessible.
  • Apple has said that it is exploring the issues with iOS 15.5 and will give an update when it has more data.
  • Resetting iOS 15.5 devices to their factory settings has been cited as a method by some users to address the issues. Be that as it may, this is an intense measure, and it isn’t prescribed except if you can’t move back to the past variant of iOS.
  • The issues with iOS 15.5 have raised worries about the nature of Apple’s product refreshes. Apple should release updates that have not been thoroughly tested, according to some users. Others have argued that users should be able to opt out of receiving software updates from Apple.


Apple has a decent history of delivering steady and dependable programming refreshes. In any case, the issues with iOS 15.5 demonstrate the way that even all that organizations can commit errors. It is essential to know about the likely dangers of introducing programming refreshes and to move back to a past form on the off chance that you experience any issues.

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