Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

A new software upgrade has been made to the second generation of AirPods Pro. Apple has announced its software upgradation with the arrival of iOS 17 later this year.

In Annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) recently, a new announcement was made by Apple that the company’s latest truly wireless stereo (TWS) earphones will get a new feature, named ‘Adaptive Audio’. This new feature, ‘Adaptive Radio’ will very brilliantly analyze the user’s environment to adjust transparency mode and active noise cancellation (ANC) settings, without any input. It will be able to blend both modes together based on the user’s interaction with his or her environment over the course of a day.

It was also announced in the WWDC, 2023, by Ron Huang, Apple VP for Sensing and Connectivity that the second generation AirPods Pro would gain support for Adaptive Audio. It is a feature that dynamically blends both ANC and transparency mode. This mixed mode will allow the user to shut off any kind of background noise. Meanwhile, important sounds like horns and bells will continue to alert the users.

The new Adaptive Audio will be used for personalised volume controls based on machine learning trained on the users’ listening preferences over time. This will be in combination with the Adaptive Audio feature that uses both ANC and transparency mode, to offer a better experience while listening to music and podcast episodes.

Meanwhile, later this year, when iOS 17 starts working, AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) will also be updated with another useful feature, named as ‘Conversation Awareness’. When the users would play music on the AirPods, this new feature will detect automatically if the user is speaking and then, will lower the media volume, reduce background sounds, and focus on the voices of people listening to the user.

The new ‘Adaptive Audio’ feature will also block external sounds while speaking on a phone call, thus, allowing the user to listen to the other participants without any distractions. The user will also be able to mute himself and herself with a pinch gesture. Automatically switching an AirPods connection across Apple devices will also become more seamless later this year.

Adaptive Audio feature dynamically blends Transparency mode and Active Noise Cancellation together to deliver the best audio experience in the moment. According to Apple, it can tailor the noise control while the user move in his or her environment. In this way, any kind of loud or distracting noises near the user will be automatically reduced, while other noises will still be audible

Similar to Adaptive Audio, ‘Personalized Volume’ feature also uses machine learning to fine-tune the user’s listening experience by understanding environmental conditions and listening preferences.

Besides, there is also a new ‘Conversation Awareness’ feature that will lower the music and focus on voices around the user, when he would start talking.

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