Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Technology today is highly dependent on AI. Almost each and every product today wants to add generative AI features in some form or the other. Amazon has also done the same with Alexa.

Alexa, which is one of the most popular the virtual assistant, is also getting conversational AI tool.  Alexa is set to take on ChatGPT, Microsoft’s new Bing, and Google’s Bard. This new feature will help the company to enhance its vision to create a great AI-powered personal assistant.

The new added AI will enable Alexa to have more natural conversations with its users. Most of the customers rely on Alexa’s capabilities to offer accurate information, be it price, weather, or simply turning on your smart home equipment.

Consumers love to listen to music and podcasts, shopping, building lists, setting up alarms, etc. Now a days, they ask Alexa to perform these duties.  The new Chat GPT like AI features will be an add on to the Alexa.

LLM or Large Language Models applications will likely help to further speed things up. AI will allow Alexa to react to more complex questions that were previously trained, related to different aspects, be it healthcare facilities or senior citizen facilities.

The new AI feature of Alexa would further help in the context of India as people of different languages can ask for Alexa’s help in whichever language they want.

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